What is HP ZBook?

November 5, 20200

What is HP ZBook?

If you do any kind of graphics-intensive work – design or video editing, for example – HP workstations give you the high performance, reliability and efficiency you need. Like most people, you are probably also adapting to the new normal, working remotely or moving between the office and working from home. That being the case, you need all the benefits of a powerful workstation in a compact, mobile package. The ZBook is the perfect solution. The various ZBook models are designed for technical and creative professionals who need pro-grade CAD performance, superb video editing, and best-in-class graphics on the go.


What is a CAD workstation?


A CAD workstation is a computer that is optimised to handle computer-assisted design (CAD) functions. Since CAD work makes extensive use of 3D modelling, simulations and premium drawing and design programs, these computers need lots of processing power to carry out these complex tasks and facilitate seamless, fast workflows. While all HP Z-series workstations can serve admirably in the sector, the ZBook Studio and Firefly, in particular, are built with CAD in mind.


How do I know which laptop is best for me?

There are several different ZBook models. While they all offer similar levels of processing power and performance, they each have sets of benefits. Choose the one that is best for you: 

  • ZBook Create: A 15-inch notebook for the serious creator. With real-time rendering, and equipped with NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ graphics and Z power combined, this is the essential pro-grade laptop for 3D artists, video editors and game developers.
  • ZBook Studio: This is the ultimate solution for technical professionals: architects, engineers, and other designers. The Studio G7 is the perfect solution for 3D CAD design packages. The x360 version is a powerful, convertible PC made to run multiple apps with speed and responsiveness.
  • ZBook Firefly: The smallest, lightest ZBook provide true mobility for creators and technical professionals.
  • ZBook Power: A more affordable model, great for students developing their knowledge of CAD software or master coding
  • ZBook Fury: HP’s most powerful 17-inch mobile workstation is perfect for data scientists, product designers and engineers, and entertainment professionals.

Do HP ZBooks have touch screens?


The ZBook range is tailor-made for artists, engineers and designers, all of whom often require touchscreens to do their work. In addition to their incredible processing power, ZBooks also include touch screen functionality, for use with either a Wacom AES pen or your fingertips.

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