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The Latest ASUS 27-Inch Monitor Is A Beast For Gaming

Candice Dumont

April 16, 2018

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ASUS has released its latest 27-inch gaming monitor, and it’s a beast. It may not have the catchiest of names – ASUS went with the Republic of Gamers SWIFT PG27VQ – but it certainly has what it takes to turn heads.

Not only is it big and curved (1800R, too), the PG27VQ incorporates NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology that synchronises the system’s graphics card frame rate output with what’s shown on the screen, which completely eliminates tearing and ensures a buttery-smooth gameplay experience.

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This, combined with its resolution of 2560 x 1440, its 1ms response time, and a very high supported refresh rate of 165Hz – up from the more-typical 144Hz of other screens – means gamers with high-end rigs can take full advantage of their hardware and see them performing at their peak.

That 1ms response time is pretty impressive, too, as it’s the fastest response time a monitor can have, meaning under no circumstances will there be any “ghosting” visible. Ghosting is the term for the slightly smeared effect some monitors produce when images are moving too fast and the screen can’t refresh fast enough to keep up.

Most Responsive

ASUS proudly states on the monitor’s site that the PG27VQ is the “WORLD’S MOST RESPONSIVE CURVED GAMING MONITOR”, and it’s hard to argue with that until we see sub-1ms response times emerging, and they likely won’t for a few years (if they do at all).

And as the PG27VQ is also not quite as high-res as a 4K screen, it doesn’t have as many pixels for a graphics card to push, so high-end graphics cards can produce higher frame rates than they would with a 4K screen. This results in smoother gameplay – excellent for high-speed competitive titles like Counterstrike: Global Ops, Overwatch, Rocket League, Fortnite, Quake Champions, and others where that smoothness counts.

3D Vision-Ready

For anyone keen on NVIDIA’s incredible 3D Vision technology that lets gamers hook their screens up to a headset that lets them see their games in three dimensions, the PG27VQ is a great choice as it supports it right out the box.

All you’ll need is an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, this screen, and 3D Vision 2 kit. You will probably have to import the kit, though, as local retailers don’t seem to carry it.

RGB Overload

Of course, as it’s 2018 and RGB is here whether we like it or not, this monitor has been gifted a down-facing RGB light that projects the ROG logo on the desk in any of a large number of colours.

It’s part of the larger “Aura Sync” lighting feature that ASUS has rolled out across its component range that lets gamers set up their systems’ lighting to their tastes by co-ordinating it with other Aura-compatible components.

Video Review

And for a video review of this screen, check out what local content creator We Do Tech had to say about it:

Definitely one to keep an eye on if you’re a competitive PC gamer looking for a new screen. If you’d like more detailed information on its specifications and to see just how proud ASUS is of the screen, head over to the official site.

Should you be interested in procuring this screen for your customers, you can contact Charl van den Berg at Tarsus Distribution on 011 531 1000 or drop him an email.

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