Enterprise storage solutions

Tarsus Distribution has been supplying high-quality data storage for many years, keeping up with the fast pace of technological development to continuously provide the best devices and solutions across a variety of scales.

For individual users or for businesses operating on a small scale, the storage that is supplied standard with laptop or desktop computers, together with USB hard drives or similar devices, is perfectly fine to store data safely. At some point, however, when the scale increases, these storage solutions are no longer fit to purpose.

Many enterprises then need to expand their hardware to make sure they can store all their data and/or migrate some resources into a colocation facility to increase capacity or implement redundancy to manage any potential disasters. This combination of large-scale, onsite and offsite storage solutions are essential for all enterprises.
Storage Features
Feature #1
Fit for purpose storages solutions.
Feature #2
Scalable infrastructure as your clients’ needs change.
Feature #3
Experts guiding you to get the ideal combination of large-scale, onsite and offsite storage solutions.
Feature #4
Storage Area Networks (SAN) that create high-speed connections between storage devices and server.
Feature #5
Network-attached storage (NAS) that connect to networks through ordinary ethernet connections and use a dedicated operating system to manage files through well-established protocols.
Feature #6
Unified or multiprotocol storage that combines the capabilities of NAS and SAN.

How It Works

Step 1

Contact Tarsus Distribution’s expert storage team with your requirements.

Step 2

We will assess your client’s needs and develop a one-of-a-kind solution.

Step 3

Once the storage solution has been installed, the Tarsus team remains on hand to consult with our clients in the maintenance and upgrading of their networking systems.

Technology Partners

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Become A Reseller

Our resellers are integral to our success. We go to great lengths to ensure that our resellers are supported and equipped.

As Southern Africa’s leading value-added technology distributor, Tarsus Distribution represents top tier global hardware, software and information security brands. Partner resellers can deliver the best possible service in South Africa by partnering with Tarsus.

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