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January 29, 20210

These days a customer’s experience could very easily make or break a company, and as sophisticated as an entity’s software, hardware and services are, a crack in the system will most likely appear somewhere down the line.

“It’s all about how you take accountability, and respond.” This was an extract taken from a blog post written by Alan Mayer, Senior Vice President for Dell.

Accountability and response is especially important in this day and age as it is exceptionally easy for a disgruntled consumer to climb onto a social network like Facebook or Twitter and post his or her comment. Once  posted for others to read many tend to follow suit with their own interactions with the company.


Bring on the Tech

By definition: “Digital transformation is the integration of technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning into all business areas, resulting in core changes in business operations and the value they deliver to their customers.”

“With the correct attitude as well as the proper technology in terms of products, services and protocols in place, when a problem crops up it can be quickly remedied and, most importantly, learned from to prevent it from happening again,” says Chris Larkins, business unit manager for Dell Enterprise at Tarsus.

This is where the digital transformation comes to the fore. Despite some companies being reluctant to make the migration due to data privacy and security, lack of budget and resources as well as the inability to extract valuable insights from data, their hand is being forced by their customers.

“But, with Tarsus Distribution’s wide range of Dell and Dell EMC technology products and support we will help a company of any size quickly get to the point where they will see their customer’s respond favourably to their newly digital migration,” adds Larkins.

For example, Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI include everything needed to accelerate AI initiatives in a company. Helping make artificial intelligence simpler, these pre-designed and pre-validated solutions are ideal for machine and deep learning so you can get faster, deeper insights into your customers and your business.

Once the technology is in place Tarsus recommends the basic following guidelines for any business to follow in order to boost their customer experience:

  1. Give your customers what they need.“Having a website is obviously the first step here, but an overcomplicated one just frustrates end-users, with them moving to a different site that is easier to navigate,” comments Larkins.Use the information you already have about a customer through AI to streamline his or her buying process. It needs to be fluid and seamless. “In essence, get the customer to find the product they need and then get them to the checkout section as quickly as possibly,” he says.

    If a customer wants a pair of shoes, take them directly that section of the site, don’t try and punt other garments. If they want those garments they will buy them on of their own accord – a good example of customer retention.

  2. Make sure your staff is well versed with the artificial intelligence and machine learning products. “Employees need to understand this technology and how it helps the business create an impressive customer experience,” he adds.
  3. A continuous connection between a company and its partners. Companies need to work together. And in order for this to happen similar technologies need to be implemented across the board.
  4. Finally and most importantly is security. “Tarsus Distribution’s portfolio of security products in terms of hardware and software can be tailored to suit any company of any size. We have security experts on hand that will advise a company on the best-of-breed and most cost effective way to safeguard a client’s personal information,” concludes Larkins.

The writing is on the wall. Recent studies have shown that a company using technologies such as AI and machine learning will see up to a 218% return on investment in three years. More importantly, they will save up to $1,4m alone in reduced fraud over the same period.

Recent studies have shown that a company using technologies such as AI and machine learning will save up to $1,4m just in reduced fraud over three years

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