Tarsus Distribution boasts over 35 years in the technology distribution industry. We make it possible for resellers to save time and money by tapping into our existing warehousing infrastructure. We pride ourselves on having partnered with some of the world’s leading tech brands and are equipped to supply our clients with a broad array of technology essentials, particularly regarding the commercial industry. Currently, our warehousing solution includes Master Data Management, inbound management, inventory management, and outbound management. 

One of the brands that we stock is Zagg – a trusted name when it comes to tech accessories, such as screen protection, tablet and iPad keyboards, battery cases, external power banks, speakers, headphones, and more. 

Read on for a general overview of the popular products that we can ship to you directly from our warehouse right now. Anything that we do not have in stock at the moment, we can order on your behalf quickly and efficiently. 

Featured Products

Screen protection

Zagg screen protection goes one step further than simply protecting the screens of various mobile devices from scratches and cracks. The brand’s screen protection also incorporates anti-bacterial technology – a crucial feature considering the current global situation.

Device cases

Zagg can supply consumers with a wide variety of cases for mobile devices, all boasting maximum impact protection. They specialise in cases for both iPhone and Android smartphones, including cases for the iPhone Xs Max and the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Speakers and earbuds

Consumers trust Zagg to offer them the best in portable, waterproof earbuds and speakers designed to be used when engaging in activities outdoors, whether it be running, hiking, or even rock climbing.


Keyboards designed and manufactured by Zagg can be used by iPads and many other tablets. They feature Bluetooth pairing, backlit keys, and durable, detachable protective cases for total peace of mind.

Zagg partnership programme

The Zagg partnership programme is recommended to all resellers who want to maximise profits for their business. The programme is created to empower resellers and provide them with the support and marketing material that they need to sell Zagg products in abundance. Members of the programme will also benefit from regular news and updates from the brand, making it possible for them to keep up with trends and innovations that could further enhance sales.

About Zagg

Zagg is a worldwide leading presence in the realm of accessories and technologies that boost and empower mobile lifestyles. The brand focuses its attention on accessories and solutions such as screen protection, power management solutions, mobile keyboards, cases and personal audio. Zagg is often celebrated for its stylish designs and ability to keep up with consumer demands in an ever-changing industry.

Interested in learning more about Zagg products and becoming a successful reseller? It pays to partner up with Tarsus Distribution!

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