Tarsus Distribution is a well-known and respected technology distribution company in South Africa, but what many of our clients do not know is the fact that we also ship to African countries outside of our borders. From Namibia to Malawi, Lesotho to Zambia, we cover all bases. We strive to provide our South African and African resellers with supply chain solutions that are optimised in terms of both operations and cost-efficiency. As such, we have partnered with the most reputable freight service providers in each country that we operate in. Further to this, we have also fully digitised the tracking and document process for faster service that African resellers have come to trust. 

We are equipped to provide resellers in Africa with a broad variety of world-class brands. Ring is just one of those brands. From video doorbells to security cams, we currently stock the complete Ring range of commercial and residential security essentials. 

Here is a brief overview of the types of products that we can ship to your door.

Featured Products

Video doorbells

Ring video doorbells are ‘smart’ doorbells that allow consumers to see who is at their door with the help of a powerful app. The video doorbell is designed to detect motion and sends notifications of this to the home or business owner’s smartphone. From there, they can see, hear, and speak to visitors regardless of where they are – even if it is halfway across the world. Ring currently manufactures five different versions of the video doorbell with the Doorbell Elite being the most advanced.

Security cams

The Ring security cams work similarly to the brand’s video doorbells. They are created to detect motion and notify home or business owners through the app. They can then speak to anyone who is present using a special two-way talk system. There are currently four different types of security cams available from Ring. The indoor cam, the stick-up cam, and the spotlight or floodlight cam (both of which are designed to be installed outdoors). 

Ring partnership programme

The Ring partnership programme is recommended for any resellers who want to maximise their profits when selling Ring security essentials to the customers. The programme helps to ensure that you will be the first to receive access to important news and updates, as well as access to any new marketing material to aid you in your online and in-store marketing efforts. 

About Ring

Ring has a presence in several different countries across the globe. The original brains behind the operation was inventor, Jamie Siminoff, and his wife who both came up with the video doorbell idea when they applied the thinking of creating a type of caller ID for the front door. Ultimately, the main priority of all Ring security essentials is to help reduce crime in neighbourhoods and to empower home and business owners to maximise their protection. 

Become A Reseller

If you would like more details regarding Ring products or about partnering with Tarsus Distribution and becoming a Ring reseller , please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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