Tarsus Distribution is a long-standing South African technology distribution company that offers resellers across Africa the right technical support, stock, warehousing and logistical backup that they need to confidently supply a wide range of tech-savvy solutions to their clients. When you choose to partner with Tarsus, you will have the chance to take advantage of several benefits including cost-savings by tapping into our existing infrastructure, as well as unrivalled industry management.

Philips is just one of the respected brands that we can supply our resellers with. Tarsus offers the full range of monitors suited for all uses: B2B, personal use and high-end gaming. Philips’ award-winning monitors are recognised internationally for their superior design and performance, with feature-rich solutions for users ranging from gamers to teams of professionals.

Discover Philips monitor solutions that are available via Tarsus Distribution

Monitor Solutions


Business (B2B)

Monitors designed to meet all your professional needs

S Line – Reliable and essential features that drive business efficiency

B Line – The choice for more productivity & comfort

P Line (Brilliance) – Brilliant colors, precise detail when it matters

P Line (BDM) – Conference display , more productivity and business efficiency


Home (B2C)

Monitors designed to suite your lifestyle at home

Value (V Line) – Basic design with reliable and essential features from a trusted brand

Elegance (E Line) – Enhanced mainstream design with better picture quality

Moda (C Line) – Leading edge design with best picture quality


Portable Power

Monitors designed to elevate your gaming and entertainment

Momentum(M) – Immersive and iconic design with features suited for gaming & entertainment

B2B Professional

Philips professional monitors deliver true to life visuals , with well-being and productivity focused innovations that matter to core professional users in an attractive functional design and at a competitive value with sustainability at the core.


Philips monitors deliver exciting, true to life visuals and performance, with an established consumer heritage of well-designed products , with entertainment, productivity and well-being focused innovations that matter to home users in sustainably produced products.


Philips Momentum line for an immersive entertainment experience
Our Momentum monitors support a full-on experience that has you on the edge of your seat. With immersive Ambiglowand stand-out design, supported by superior sound and brilliant picture quality, you go straight to the heart of the action.

Why Philips monitors?

Award winning solutions

Philips monitors have been recognized
for their superior design and

Innovative technologies

Offering diverse, high-quality
displays equipped with powerful,
forward-thinking features, Philips
monitors enable you to get the most
out of each and every workday,
regardless of the size or activity of
your business.

A solution for all

From amateur photographers to
expert e-shoppers, from movie
buffs to gaming fans, from families
seeking toshare some quality time
together to freelancers seeking to
marry work with pleasure, Philips
monitors have the perfect solution.
Stylish and feature-rich, these
monitors are designed for the way
you live.

About Philips

Over a period of some 130 years, Philips have continued to improve people’s lives with a steady flow of ground-breaking innovations.

Philips combines smart innovations with surprising insight to provide monitors that:
• Produce rich imagery
• Offers stylish designs
• Are easy to use
• Are effortlessly green

Product Information

Warranty process
All Philips monitors have 3 years carry- in warranty.


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