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Are you keen on reselling a variety of world-renowned brands? If so, you cannot go wrong by partnering with Tarsus Distribution – the longest-standing technology distribution company in South Africa. With 35 years of experience, we strive to streamline resellers’ processes by allowing them to source a broad array of products and solutions, while using our optimised warehousing infrastructure instead of investing in their own.

We boast a functional conveyor belt system and state-of-the-art configuration management resources, along with a team specialising in Third Party Logistics (3PL), inbound and export shipping, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for enhanced convenience and cost-efficiency.

Junos Pulse is just one of the many reputable brands with which we can supply resellers across the African continent. Currently, we can provide a wide range of Junos Pulse solutions, including the Junos Pulse Secure Access Service (SA/SSL VPN) and the Mobile Security Suite (MSS).

Junos Pulse Secure Access Service (SA/SSL VPN)

This is a leading SSL VPN, offering reliable remote access for businesses, both big and small, in several different industries.

Mobile Security Suite (MSS)

Clients can maximise their mobile security with this security suite which comprises of mobile device security, mobile device management (MDM), mobile data security, mobile application management (MAM), and content control.

Junos Pulse AppConnect SDK

This product is designed to provide per-application SSL VPN connectivity for iOS and Android clients, enabling IT to create an even more transparent and secure mobile app experience for their users.

Junos Pulse Connect Secure (PCS)

This product promises Zero Trust secure access to hybrid IT resources for an increasingly mobile workforce. PCS can also be used to access company resources from anywhere and at any time when using a web-enabled device. Other features include simultaneous tunneling, which provides multiple VPN connections without disconnecting any active connection, as well as split tunneling, which sends control data to a VPN server, and on authorization, and then securely connects to a cloud application.

Junos Pulse Secure partnership programme

Resellers interested in offering the Junos Pulse products, as mentioned above, to their clients will benefit from joining the Junos Pulse partnership programme. The programme automatically ensures that they have ‘the edge’ over competitors thanks to reliable support and access to a broad variety of helpful marketing resources and advice.

About Junos Pulse Secure

Junos Pulse forms a part of Juniper Networks, a global cybersecurity company. Junos Pulse is best-known for its security solutions that allow for both location- and device-independent network connectivity, all the while allowing for adequate control of resource access for authorized users. The brand name specializes in the creation and sale of a wide range of security solutions in the form of security suites and VPNs. It also focuses on revolutionising the realm of mobile device and mobile data security for maximum peace of mind – hence the introduction of its respected MSS (Mobile Security Suite).

As Southern Africa’s leading value-added technology distributor, Tarsus Distribution represents top tier global hardware, software and information security brands. Partner resellers can deliver the best possible service in South Africa by partnering with Tarsus.

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