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There are several reasons why resellers turn to Tarsus Distribution as their all-in-one partner. For instance, along with being the longest-standing technology distribution company in South Africa, we also prioritise efficient inventory management solutions. In doing so, we can provide our resellers with the products that they require quickly and effectively following the placement of their order.

A significant part of our world-class inventory management includes cautious daily, weekly, and bi-annual stock taking, which encompasses cycle counts, wall-to-wall inventory check-ins, and more. The result is close to zero shrinkage and impeccable metrics.

We are proud to stock products and solutions from a host of respected local and international brands, such as HID Global. Known for powering trusted identities, HID Global supplies authentication, identity, and access management solutions that clients can trust.

Continue reading for a quick look at some of the solutions that we can offer you straight from HID Global’s ever-growing collection.

Access control

HID Global specializes in both physical and logical access control. The award-winning access control systems strive to improve operational efficiencies and provide complete peace of mind. All solutions are scalable and future-focus. Choose from HID mobile access and biometric authentication to video management and ID card printing.

Authentication technologies

Authentication technologies from HID Global are smart solutions for connected workplaces. They enable secure access to systems with one trusted identity, as well as ensuring accurate, fast, and easy authentication. Examples of HID Global authentication technologies include desktop biometric single fingerprint readers, desktop card readers, embedded card reader boards and core, module and SE processors.

Identity and access management

HID Global is focused on supplying clients with a holistic approach to identity and access management. Solutions include advanced authentication, physical identity and access management technology, digital SSL certificates, and solutions for identity lifecycle management. There are several industries that stand to benefit from HID Global identity and access management technology, including law enforcement, companies, banks, government, energy, and healthcare.

The HID Global Advantage Partner Program

The HID Global Advantage Partner Program is there to help resellers maximize sales and profits relating to HID Global products and solutions. By joining the program, you immediately gain access to marking and sales support resources, enhanced benefits through structured incentive programs, and a digital partner community to aid in energizing business growth and optimizing profits. The reseller program boasts three tiers with varying benefits: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Resellers can improve their status by earning points through making sales and other relevant activities.

About HID Global

HID Global is a leading presence in trusted identity and access management solutions. They company has been making waves in the industry for over 25 years with a focus on offering world-class technologies, all the while reducing its global footprint. HID Global is headquartered in Austin, Texas and boasts an estimated 3,000 employees worldwide, along with international offices supporting sales in more than 100 different countries across the

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