Hama Media, Computers and Telecommunications

Hama is a name synonymous with quality accessories for digital media, computers and telecommunication products. Tarsus Distribution stocks the broadest range of Hama accessories, giving our resellers access to all the products their clients could need.

Our service offering includes extensive warehousing of products ready to ship on demand so you won’t have to source products anywhere else. We also offer our resellers excellent technical and marketing support, and we run a configuration centre that manages repairs and upgrades on IT products. As a Tarsus reseller, you will never have to facilitate collection and deliveries or organise repairs on products. Our holistic solutions take the hassle out of reselling, leaving you to focus on what you do best- provide clients with fantastic technology.

Partnering with Tarsus Distribution saves you money, helps you to manage inventory and gives you access to products from the world’s leading technology providers.

Hama Product Range offered by Tarsus

Our range of Hama products will satisfy the ever-increasing demand in the digital media industry.
Some of the popular product ranges include:

Hama Media

From audio and television accessories to photography and video devices, Tarsus distributes a variety of solutions to meet the needs of digital media buyers. The range of audio and video equipment and accessories include cables, speakers, headphones, microphones, converters, storage accessories and products created to clean and care for devices.

Hama Computers

The Hama range of computer accessories is designed to make the most of your computer, laptop or tablet. Whether you need a speaker, adapter, keyboard or microphone, we stock options to suit every user’s needs. You’ll also find accessories to clean your equipment, protect it from damage and safeguard it against theft.

Hama Tele-communications

We stock an extensive range of mobile phone and smartphone accessories. Browse our range of screen protectors, cases and ornaments to keep your device looking like new and find manufacturer-approved chargers, batteries, cables and adapters for your device.

Hama at Home

Making your home a haven has never been easier. Our range of home and living accessories span across all the areas in your home, office and lifestyle. We offer accessories for household appliances, home technology, body & health and office equipment.

Hama’s partnership Program

With a rich history of partnering with incredible subsidiaries throughout Europe since 1985, Hama now has partners in various countries, ensuring that Hama has a presence worldwide.

When you register to partner with Hama as a reseller, you’ll get access to an extensive range of products and a reputation that is established worldwide. Hama partners get access to knowledge, expertise and dedicated client service.

More About Hama

Hama is the leading creator of accessories for digital technology. We take great pride in being one of the leading distributors of accessories worldwide. With over 18,000, we show how diverse accessories can be. Our global team of 2,500 employees (spread across 20 locations around the world) guarantees high quality and perfect service.

Become A Reseller

To learn more about our brand partnership with Hama, or to become a Hama reseller, contact Tarsus Distribution.

As Southern Africa’s leading value-added technology distributor, Tarsus Distribution represents top tier global hardware, software and information security brands. Partner resellers can deliver the best possible service in South Africa by partnering with Tarsus.

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