Dell EMC

Dell EMC offers the essential infrastructure your clients need to transform their IT, protect their data and build their digital future. Through trusted and reliable infrastructure, hybrid cloud and big-data solutions, we can help you guide your clients towards an industry-leading converged infrastructure that utilises servers, storage, networking, software and cybersecurity components.

With scalable architecture and flexible storage, DELL EMC enables businesses to maximise their overall performance. As a reseller, you can partner with Tarsus for a guiding hand to show you how your clients’ productivity can be increased and automated, as well as embedded with intelligence, that will future-proof their IT infrastructure.

Why Dell EMC?

With Dell EMC, organizations can modernize, automate and transform their data centres using industry-leading converged infrastructure, servers, storage and data protection technologies.

Dell EMC enables simpler, optimized performance for organisations dealing with giant quantities of data. Enterprises need to evolve and adapt to keep up with the sheer volume of data they generate, as well as the rapid advance of technology. By optimizing their IT, companies of all sizes can optimize their performance, simplicity of operations, the cloud experience, data mobility and real-time intelligence. Increased efficiency, business agility, service predictability and reduced costs will all follow.

Dell EMC offers a strategic, solutions-focused approach. By optimizing IT with Dell EMC, organizations will gain access to and support for the edge-to-core cloud model associated with critical workloads. This helps to deliver new services and capabilities more quickly. It also reduces risks in a world of increasingly complex data requirements and threats.

What solutions does Dell EMC include?

Server Solutions

PowerEdge servers make up the heart of the Dell EMC system. Built with leading integration, automation and deployment capabilities, every server protects and powers a wide variety of applications and workloads. Clients can start as big or small as they need and scale up or down as the growth of their business and data requirements dictates.

Storage Solutions

Businesses face increasingly complex workloads and the constant threat of cyber-attacks, so they need a technology partner that can deliver reliable, built-in data protection. Dell EMC storage solutions optimize workloads and maximize storage investments with self-encrypting drives, built-in disaster avoidance and snapshots with industry-leading scalable storage. These solutions are primarily purpose-built for mid-market businesses.

Hyperconverged Solutions

Dell EMC’s VxRail enables users to continuously innovate on a secure, modern infrastructure. They can accelerate data centre modernization or deploy a hybrid cloud with this turnkey solution.

Dell EMC solutions and services

Artificial intelligence
Data analytics
Data centre
End-user / workforce
High-performance computing
Hyper-Converged infrastructure
Internet of Things

Why Tarsus?

Tarsus’ pre-sales capability, combined with our in-house expertise across all stages of the project lifecycle, is what sets us apart from other distributors. As a reseller, you can rest assured that Tarsus has the warehouse capabilities and logistics solutions that you can leverage to your advantage. 

Our Dell team proactively markets the wide range of EMC solutions among CIOs, CEOs, CTOs and other relevant decision-makers, creating a demand in the local market. From education in the market place to ongoing engagement with the right target audience, suppliers who partner with us benefit from demand and lead generation to ongoing technical and logistical support.

When you partner with us, you will have a team that can help you make sure that the correct solutions are specified for your clients. Our geographical spread across Africa, combined with our deep knowledge of Dell’s EMC solutions, customer engagement, technical support and preferential price points, makes us the go-to company for Dell EMC in Africa. We are also a BEE Level 1 Supplier.

As Southern Africa’s leading value-added technology distributor, Tarsus Distribution represents top tier global hardware, software and information security brands. Partner resellers can deliver the best possible service in South Africa by partnering with Tarsus.

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