Check Point offers the most advanced cyber security solutions

Over the past 25 years, the way that cybercriminals attack and inflict major damage on businesses, as well as their reputations, has evolved, which is why cyber-security solutions have had to advance rapidly. Less than three years ago, we saw unprecedented, large-scale and multi-vector mega cyber-attacks being carried out.

Today’s cyberattacks are called the 5th generation of cyber-attacks and they are the most impactful we have ever seen. Detection-only based solutions are not sufficient against these fast-moving attacks and advanced threat prevention is required.

Real Time Cyber Attack Threat Prevention

Cyber-attacks come without warning, day and night, any day of the week. Your cyber-attack threat prevention needs to work around the clock to prevent any criminal from infiltrating your network.

To ensure business continuity and stay ahead of attackers, you need real-time threat prevention, which is exactly what Check Point offers. With Check Point SandBlast technologies, it provides the most advanced threat prevention and ze­ro-day protection blocking both known and unknown threats.

SandBlast provides world-class, top-of-the-range threat protection through thirty different innovative technologies across all environments. From network to mobile threat prevention, here is what you can expect from Check Point Infinity:

Network-based threat prevention for security gateways, with best-in-class IPS, AV, post-infection BOT prevention, network Sandboxing (threat emulation) and malware sanitation with Threat Extraction.

SandBlast Agent endpoint detection and response solution with forensics, anti-ransomware, AV, post-infection BOT prevention and Sandboxing on the endpoint.

SandBlast Mobile advanced threat prevention for mobile devices provides complete mobile security solution that protects devices from threats on the device (OS), in apps, and in the network, and delivers the industry’s highest threat catch rate for iOS and Android.

SandBlast for Office365 cloud is part of Check Point cloud security offerings.

Cyber-attacks aren’t going away. They will continue to become more advanced and sophisticated, which is why businesses need to be proactive to stay protected. As a reseller, you can rest assured when offering clients Check Point as it offers the most advanced threat prevention solutions for the entire IT infrastructure to protect against Gen V mega attacks and any future generations of cyber-attacks.

Your client will be able to unify the entire IT security system with Check Point Infinity Architecture, thereby providing real-time shared threat intelligence and complete protection – all managed by a single, consolidated console. Infinity total protection consumption model now enables you to protect your entire enterprise with a single, complete solution on a per-user based annual subscription to future-proof your business and ensure business continuity.

Why Partner With Tarsus For Check Point Security Solutions?

Tarsus is the longest-serving distributor of Check Point solutions in South Africa. We proactively market Check Point among CIOs, CEOs, CTOs and other relevant decision-makers, creating a demand in the local market. From education in the market place to ongoing engagement with the right target audience, suppliers who partner with us benefit from demand and lead generation to ongoing technical and logistical support.

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