Seven Requirements a Business Notebook Should Fulfil

August 7, 20200

Seven Requirements a Business Notebook Should Fulfil

While none can be categorised as ruled, dotted, gridded, or blank, notebooks are increasingly being used for business purposes. As a CTO or procurement manager looking for notebooks for your staff, you need to make sure you are buying a technical solution that will empower them to work efficiently and smartly. Here are seven requirements that a business notebook should fulfil:

1. Portability

The key feature that sets a business notebook apart from a traditional desktop computer is that it is portable so that we can easily move from the office to home to client visits.
While many components within a computer can be upgraded, the size cannot. Choose the size that suits you best.
EliteBooks come in sizes from 12.1” to 17.0”.

2. Power

Despite their diminutive size, business computers need to pack a punch when it comes to performance. The efficiency of your computer is determined by the RAM (Random Access Memory) which temporarily holds your programs so that the CPU (Central Processing Unit) can access that information faster and more easily.
Offering a good mix of portability and power, EliteBooks features Intel Comet Lake or AMD Zen 2 Renoir processors.

3. Storage

When accessing what you have stored, you want it to be quick, cool, and quiet. An SSD (Solid State Drive) supports reading and writing data and preserves stored data in a permanent state even without power.
Select EliteBook models have SSD storage options.

4. User Experience

Consider the design of elements which are important to you – from the screen resolution to the sound to the comfort of the keyboard.
EliteBooks are slim and have a sleek look and feel.

5. Build Quality

Being portable means that a notebook will inevitably be dropped or knocked. Look for a robust design to minimise the effects of these mishaps.
EliteBooks are engineered to meet military MIL-STD-810 standards for reliability and performance under extreme conditions such as temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration.

6. Battery Life

The last thing you want is for your notebook to die mid-pitch. There are variables which affect the battery life of your notebook – from screen brightness to being connected to WiFi. But the larger the Wh (Watt-hours) or mAh (milliAmp-hours) rating of the battery, the longer the battery can last.
EliteBook batteries can run for up to ten hours.

7. Security

The very nature of a transportable device requires even more security features than a computer that never moves from your office.
HP has a whole arsenal of security features deployed in various configurations across the range.


The Smart Choice For Business Notebooks

When looking for a notebook to fulfill your business requirements, the EliteBook can provide the solution you need. Contact us for more information on the EliteBook range.

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