Security Features that Employees Need on Their Laptops for Remote Work

August 19, 20200

Security Features that Employees Need on Their Laptops for Remote Work

Rewind a few years and working from home seemed like a luxury enjoyed by a select few. This year’s pandemic has changed all that, and remote work even has its own, now frequently- used, abbreviation, “WFH”. Whatever your take on when ‘normalcy’ will be restored after COVID-19, it looks like working from home is going to be the “new normal” for the long term. This leads to a greater focus on your team’s laptops’ security features – especially for workers dealing with regulated or sensitive data.


HP EliteBooks Security Features

One of the most impressive features of the HP EliteBook range is its security provisions:
1. Tight Access Control
Biometric security solutions have become an increasingly popular way to keep your computer safer and more secure. Instead of simply entering a password, hardware-enforced security now keeps your work and workstation safe.
Several EliteBook models facilitate this with SEC fingerprint readers to ensure that only you, and nobody else can get into your computer.
EliteBooks such as the 840 and 850 include an infrared camera which allows you to authenticate yourself by means of facial recognition. These models also include the HP Smart Card reader, which locks your computer in the event of loss or theft.
2. Increased Privacy
Some EliteBook models are equipped with privacy cameras, with shutters that you can simply close over the webcam lens – guaranteed to block the view of anyone who is watching you through your webcam.
No more slamming your laptop shut when people walk by and you want to keep the information on your screen safe from prying eyes. Models such as the 755 include the HP SureView feature which obscures your screen from casual onlookers and nosy co-workers. The innovative privacy screens give you an extra measure of privacy.
3. Security From External Sources
The HP Sure Start security feature protects the hardware as well as the end-user’s identity and data – starting on the BIOS level.
To make security even easier, HP Sure Click shifts the responsibility from the end user to the PC by automatically preventing web-based attacks originating from unintentional website visits where ransomware or malware may be hidden.


The Secure Choice When Working From Home

When looking for a laptop that values security as much as you do, the HP EliteBook can provide the solution you need. Contact us for more information on the HP EliteBook range, as well as other HP products.

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