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End of support for Windows Server 2008

Once Windows Server 2008 reaches its ‘Extended Support End Date’, patches and updates will no longer be issued, leaving your operating system more vulnerable with little security. Get your cyber hygiene sorted from home with Azure – giving you access to features wherever you are – in any industry, small or large, old or new.

Waiting to migrate your server can leave you fighting off new viruses. Imagine a cyber-pandemic? No sanitizer would fix that.

  • Increase performance and storage

    • Boost performance
    • Gain accessible insights from your data
    • Work faster and get more
  • Enhance security and protection

    • Detect and prevent attacks - before they harm your data
    • Meet compliance regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA
    • Ensure continuity with automatic backup and data recovery
  • Choose flexible cloud or hybrid options

    • Move to the cloud when it’s right for your business
    • Get a long-term solution to your infrastructure and data needs
    • Be ready for the future with flexible cloud capabilities

The Security you need to be future ready - today.

2020 has been the year of transformation: - Ouma has a new Skype account, you’re shopping online and you could write a book on team meeting etiquette. It’s a jungle out there, but
Windows Server 2019 can solve some of today’s problems with cloud innovation. Having the right security to protect and support your workforce, devices and data is essential.

Stress increased when job sites shut down bringing new security risks and compliance challenges, impacting productivity. The IT guy has been even harder to reach. It’s only 9 am at home when someone is already asking what’s for dinner, the dog’s barking and new employees are waiting to get connected – an entirely different on-demand environment. With hyper-concerned staff, Windows Server 2019’s hyper-converged system means you can manage your workforce more effectively, using desktop virtualization from the security and comfort of your home. Hybrid capabilities brings lifestyle and work style improvements – finally making you feel safe.

Get the support you need and bring people together safely. Feel at home when updating to
Windows Server 2019.

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