Learn more about Azure with these free Cloud Society webinars

March 9, 20200

Learn more about Azure with these free Cloud Society webinars

Microsoft’s Cloud Society is a free learning platform that aims to teach interested parties about Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform.

Every month, Cloud Society conducts a number of free online-only webinars on various cloud-related subjects. All anyone needs to do to watch those webinars is sign up on the platform, and access the materials Microsoft has available.

On Demand and Live

Some webinars are available On Demand, meaning you don’t have to attend exactly when they are live and can rather watch them whenever you get a chance. Others happen at a specific date and time and can be attended “live”.

In March, Cloud Society is conducting five webinars. Of the five, three are On Demand and the other two are happening at specific times and dates (but will be available On Demand shortly after ending).

They are:

To watch these webinars On Demand or experience the live ones, live, simply fill in the form on the page of the webinar you’re interested in and follow the instructions that follow.

Free educational content

The beauty of Microsoft’s Cloud Society is that it makes a lot of helpful, detailed educational cloud content available for free. This supports anyone interested in the cloud in becoming more informed, skilled, and insightful.

Cloud Society is an invaluable service that can help IT professionals grow their knowledge and keep up with the ever-changing IT environment.

100+ Courses on Cloud Society

In addition to March’s webinars, there is a great deal of cloud-related content on the Cloud Society site that you can watch right now.

It’s a great way to get ahead and future-proof yourself by learning more about the cloud revolution that’s busy taking over the world.


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