Mike Rogers

Managing Director

Mike began his career working as an IT specialist in the financial services industry in the UK before returning to South Africa to take up a position at Standard Bank. Five years later, he started working at Accenture (then Andersen Consulting) as an Information Technology Consultant. During his 18 years at Accenture, he worked with a broad range of clients across various industries including communications, banking and mining. Throughout this period, Mike focused on building high performing systems and teams.

As an Accenture managing executive, Mike was responsible for one of Accenture’s key technology practices in South Africa – the Advanced Technology and Architecture practice. This practice focused on building complex technology solutions encompassing cloud, integration, DevOps and technology architecture. Mike also led Accenture’s Digital Data and Analytics business as well as the Infrastructure Consulting business in South Africa.

In April 2016, Mike joined Tarsus Technology Group as CEO of Tarsus SecureData. He was tasked with helping SecureData adapt to a rapidly changing distribution landscape. In June 2017, Mike was given the responsibility of integrating Tarsus’s cybersecurity, networking, server and storage distribution businesses – resulting in the creation of Tarsus Technology Solutions. Mike is currently focused on ensuring that this distribution business continues to deliver value to its customers and suppliers while transforming itself to take advantage of digital opportunities.

Mike has a Bachelor of Business Science (Hons) in Information Systems from the University of XYZ. He enjoys reading, running and cooking, and believes that the key to innovative thinking is execution because even great ideas are worthless if they can’t be turned into value. Execution, says Mike, is the ability to identify those ideas that have potential and to bring them to life. Throughout his career, Mike’s focus has always been to look at the big picture, identify opportunities to make things better and then to get stuck into it and make them happen.


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