Is Hardware Support Really That Important?

December 18, 20200

There have been a few instances where the question of hardware support and its importance were raised, which is a bit concerning. Yes, hardware support is really that important,” answers Chris Larkins, business unit manager for Dell EMC at Tarsus Distribution.

IDC research has found that roughly 80% of IT time is spent on routine operations and support. That is a staggering amount of time spent on making sure that your hardware is working properly and although a necessity, there are ways and means to downscale the time your tech support spends on it.  

As the first line of engagement for employees, your IT staff faces a range of challenges that can make meeting internal initiatives difficult, where strategic projects become neglected. The last thing you need is to spend valuable time repeating basic troubleshooting. To put it simply, you need to be able to efficiently, and seamlessly resolve technical issues,” notes Larkins. 

Quality support 

It is undeniable that businesses will at one point or another have hardware failures and issues and need to be at the ready when they occur. This means your IT support needs to be on duty 24×7 and on the ball, because system downtime leads to lost productivity, financial losses, and angry customers. 

This brings us to the question of how qualified your support staff is and if they have the knowledge and skills to address all the issues that might arise when you experience hardware failures? Without the right resources and support, it is hard to get in front of IT problems. Certified hardware support technicians should therefore be a prerequisite when appointing a IT support team.  

With Dell EMCs ProSupport, businesses have access to highly trained experts that are there around the clock to address IT needs with the explicit aim to help minimise disruptions and maintain a high level of productivity, says Larkins. 

In todays day and age and with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, remote working has become more prevalent and almost the new order of the day. 

Your employees are now scattered across town and country, working on PCs and laptops that can also experience issues and failures. Are you connected and are you ready for that? 

Larkins says: To avoid further issues with faster resolutions, businesses should consider being fully connected and even better, to invest in secure remote services with automated proactive and predictive support, if possible. Leave manual routines behind and make use of remote monitoring, automated issue detection and case creation, and remote resolution. 

Did you know that there are IT support solutions out there today that can detect issues on hardware before they become problems using AI? These IT support solutions allow hardware components to be found and fixed before the end-user or your employee loses productivity as a result of being unable to work.    

Proactive alerts and automatic case creation allow IT support staff to start working on the problem before an employee can log a call for assistance,” explains Larkins.  

When your business or customers’ business are facing challenges and they are coming at you quickly, you need support now, not next week – irrespective of whether your team is working from home or in the office or for a single PC or your entire fleet. Predictive, proactive technology alerts you to hardware issues before they impact your end-users. Such a solution will make your job easier as well as your end-users and customer happier.  

According to Larkins, some of the key benefits businesses should be looking at when thinking of IT hardware support include having the flexibility to choose support based on criticality of specific systems and the complexity of their environment. 

Access to a central point of accountability for all hardware issues, cross-domain experience, automated tools and technology as well as consistent experience regardless of where youre located or what language you speak. ProSupport Plus from Dell EMC offers these benefits and more, with 91% less time to resolution and up to 72% fewer steps in the support process.  

With the ever increasing speed of doing business companies simply cant afford to be left behind as a result of downtime due to hardware problems that needs fixing. Take the step and invest in an IT support solution that will assist your IT support team in dealing with all hardware issues quickly and effectively,” Larkins concludes.

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