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April 28, 20220

Game-changing technologies that support mid-market companies with digital transformation

Chris Larkins, Enterprise Business Unit Manager, Tarsus

Game-changing technologies that support mid-market companies with digital transformation.

Two years of lockdowns have many mid-market companies just starting to recover. They’ve realised that technology can help them remain competitive and win new business.

It’s widely accepted that digital transformation is key to the changes needed to survive in today’s market conditions, and that those who don’t adopt it, risk being left behind. But many game-changing technologies have traditionally been out of reach for mid-market businesses. This is changing. Companies like Dell Technologies are focusing on this market segment with the right solutions to help them kick start their digital transformation journeys. 

“The benefits of digital transformation aren’t reserved just for large corporates anymore. Modern digital platforms and infrastructure are becoming accessible and less expensive, and are driving massive transformation for mid-sized businesses. By embracing modern technologies, mid-market organisations can enhance operations, develop new revenue streams, and offer a better experience to their customers, both internal and external.”

The right technology partner can help these entities understand that the dynamic has changed radically over the last decade, and that these technologies are both affordable, and easy to implement. While technologies such as hyper-converged infrastructure, data protection, AI and hybrid cloud were very expensive, requiring significant investment and a long-term view on ROI, this can no longer be the case.

The ability to leverage powerful solutions, systems and cloud services is key to realising the potential of mid-market companies. This will enable them to operate smoothly across geographies, to gain actionable insights from predictive analytics, and make use of emerging technology solutions such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IOT) to lower maintenance costs, improve customer understanding and lessen downtime.

Tarsus and Dell Technologies are working towards eliminating all these misconceptions and helping mid-market entities to rid themselves of the notion that modernisation is for large or deep-pocketed organisations alone. Dell’s mid-market technologies are grouped into four critical areas. Firstly, modernising the business, then protecting assets with security, followed by empowering the workforce, and finally, automating IT operations. “What we have found effective is helping them with project-based technology delivery instead of large-scale initial investments. Many solutions today can be paid for as an operating expense or through a consumption-based model. We also offer more modular solutions, enabling them to get what they need, and build from there, to allow immediate access to game-changing solutions.”

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