Data is Not Just Important to Big Business Anymore

December 18, 20200

It’s hard to dispute the importance of data for businesses these days – all businesses at that. Data is no longer only for big enterprises in a select few business sectors. It is important to all sized businesses across all the various business sectors. This means it is important to your business as well.  

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who think that data does not mean much to them should realise that their data is in fact very important to them. They must know that it can have a positive impact on their business if they use it to their advantage,” says Chris Larkins, business unit manager for Dell Enterprise at Tarsus Distribution. 


What your data means to you 

According to Larkins, one of the key things a small business has to do in order to benefit from the data it collects, processes and stores, is to determine what it wants to use the data for and how it will assist in reaching the business goals. The quality of the data is also very important and should never be forgotten. Many businesses use data that is lacking in quality and they therefore struggle to put it to proper use and reach business outcomesThis includes dark data, which the company fails to use at all. 

Data that is of low quality is, in essence, bad data and is a waste of time and effort. Low quality data also increases costs, allows for bad decision making and ultimately defeats the purpose of using the data to execute specific business strategies and reaching business goals. 

A recent report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG); THE DATA MANAGEMENT IMPERATIVE: The Critical Differentiator in the Data Era – 80% of respondents don’t have a great deal of trust in the veracity of their data today.  

The quality of your data and correctly analysing it is the first step to success,” notes Larkins. 

Data analytics will help businesses make better decisions, identify strategic initiatives to be developed and will allow for a better understanding of their customers’ needs.  

Data analytics can be a great tool to ensure your business grows and is as profitable as it can be. You however need to know how to use the data analytics technologies available, ensure that your data is of high quality and effectively manage it.  

You simply have to draw the best value from your data in order to make it work for your business,” Larkins says. 


How to manage your data and get the most out of it? 

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have struggled to afford technologies that can assist them in building their business and become more successful and competitive. Infrastructure costs have been a huge barrier to them. Those days are no longer.  

With hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions that offer combined storage, networking, computing and services in a single server unit has become more mainstream and affordable. This now gives SMEs access to solutions that for a long time, were only available to the big boys,” he says. 

For businesses to make the most from of their data HCI is an answer. It is cloud-ready, affordable, scalable and easy to manage. Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Data Analytics will help businesses to unlock the value that exists within their dataIt can also be the backbone for building a business environment in which services such as AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) can prosper. 


Benefits of data management  

There are many benefits to data management and implementing a data management system in your business. To mention just a few, it will assist with improving data quality and access, which will lead to better and quicker access to business data results and ensure seamless business operations, which in turn leads to better decision making and ultimately make your business more successful.  

According to the ESG Data Management Imperative report the majority of respondents cited data management and analytics as a business imperative, with 89% of organisations in the survey saying that data management and analytics is one of their top 10 business and IT priorities for the next 24 months. 


As enterprise data volumes continue to increase and environments become more complex, it is even more important now for businesses to invest in end-to-end solutions that work seamlessly together to addresses data analytics and data management needs, but is also affordable. Tarsus Distribution and its partner, Dell EMC have these solutions available right now,” Larkins concludes.

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