Are you vulnerable to new types of attacks?

December 21, 20200

Are You Vulnerable To New Types Of Attacks

CheckMe by Check Point runs a series of simulations that test if your existing security technologies can block standard and advanced attacks. It allows users to simulate ransomware, Phishing, Zero-Day attacks, and more.

It’s a fact that securing IT environments have become increasingly complex. The latest generation of sophisticated cyber-attacks spread quickly across all vectors and industries over mobile, cloud, and networks, frequently bypassing conventional defenses.


Try Out CheckMe For Yourself

Taking only a few minutes, CheckMe by Checkpoint offers users the ability to securely scan their network, endpoint, cloud, and mobile devices (which would need the CheckMe mobile app) for any vulnerabilities. This is done by running threat simulations to see if a user’s existing security technologies are capable of blocking standard and advanced attacks.


Being Cybersmart

Organisations often add an ample amount of cybersecurity solutions to better protect against any threats. As a result, they are frequently left with a patchwork security architecture that results in a high total cost of ownership.
By adopting a single-size-fits-all approach with Check Point Infinity architecture, businesses realise defense-ready protection against advanced attacks, while achieving a 50% increase in operational efficiency and 20% reduction in security costs.

Are You Vulnerable To New Types Of Attacks

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Cloud With Confidence

At a rapid rate, businesses and individuals are adopting cloud computing at a rapid pace thanks to its increased efficiency, better scalability, and improved agility. While public cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) continue to expand security services to protect their evolving cloud platforms, it is ultimately the customers’ responsibility to secure their data within these cloud environments.

Are You Vulnerable To New Types Of Attacks

According to the 2019 Cloud Security Report, there are still some challenges that exist within this medium of data storage. Data security and general security risks made it to the top of the list of barriers to faster cloud adoption, followed by lack of budget (26%), compliance challenges (26%), and lack of qualified staff. The study also found that the biggest operational cloud security headaches IT organisations are struggling with are compliance and lack of visibility into infrastructure security, made worse by the use of legacy security tools that can’t deal with or detect modern threats.

CheckMe offers CloudGuard Network Security, which can relieve pressure across all trouble points presented in the 2019 Cloud Security Report. Check Point CloudGuard Network Security key features:

  • Security: Advanced threat prevention and network security for public, private & hybrid clouds
  • Automated: Dynamic and automated policy, support for Infrastructure as Code and DevOps
  • Everywhere: One unified security management across cloud and on-prem infrastructures


Are You Vulnerable To New Types Of Attacks

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Secure Your Everything With Check Point

Check Point provides organisations of all sizes with the latest data and network security protection in an integrated next generation firewall platform, reducing complexity and lowering the total cost of ownership. Whether you need next-generation security for your data center, enterprise, small business or home office, Check Point has a solution for you.

Today every business is a mobile business, with requirements to safeguard business data, provide secure mobile access to business documents and keep mobile devices safe from threats. Check Point Enterprise Mobile Security solutions provide the widest range of products to help you secure your mobile world.

Check Point Endpoint Security is a single agent providing data security, network security, threat prevention and a remote access VPN for complete Windows and Mac OS X security. As an integrated suite, Endpoint Security provides simple, unified management and policy enforcement.

Security Management
Growing networks, disruptive technologies, and the proliferation of interconnected devices demand a new approach to managing security. Check Point Infinity architecture consolidates the management of multiple security layers, providing superior policy efficiency and enabling to manage security through a single pane of glass.

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Are You Vulnerable To New Types Of Attacks

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