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Accessories To Accelerate Remote Workstation Performance

Candice Dumont

September 14, 2020

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Your work from home PC or laptop is all set up, but are you getting the most out of your workstation?

Research at the University of Utah discovered that people using a dual-display machine on text copy tasks were up to 44% more productive than those using a single display. Imagine cutting out almost half of your day! There are endless possibilities when using a dual display in your home office, and here a just a few examples:

  • Data entry.
  • Drafting an email using source material comparing products side-by-side.
  • Comparing an original image to the finished one in graphic design.
  • Spreading large spreadsheets across two monitors to view a report in its entirety.
  • Leaving a chat box or email inbox open while you work, getting the information you are waiting for without having to alt-tab to check.

And of course our favourite – having a dual monitor allows you to screen share from one while still seeing client reactions on the other when presenting via a Zoom or Teams call!

What other accessories will accelerate your performance?

In a climate where load shedding is a threat to your workday, we know that most home offices aren’t set up for extended power cuts, but #DellbyTarsus has an easy fix for that. With the Notebook Power Bank Plus range, you are able to meet those tight deadlines without the hassle of an expensive UPS setup.

Dell offers the World’s first modular dock with upgradeable connectivity and power to your workstation. By allowing you to easily upgrade your connectivity and boost your power delivery to meet the future needs of your evolving PC environment, you can significantly reduce your upgrade costs.

Bad cable management and cords everywhere can also slow you down, so use a good docking station coupled with sleek adaptors to reduce your stress. Connect to anything, anywhere. Dell’s adaptor range makes it easy to connect your favourite accessories to your PC whether at your desk or in your meeting spaces.

Having the right wireless mouse for your laptop set up can reduce wrist strain and increase your speed with the added benefit of having your screen further away, reducing strain on your eyes. Couple that with an ergonomically designed keyboard for the best work from home set up and your productivity and focus levels make the investment worth it.

#DellbyTarsus knows that your home office needs the professional feel that you’re accustomed to, and that dreaded Zoom calls with noisy kids and your neighbour’s barking dogs can be a challenge. The Dell Pro Stereo Headset range makes video calls a breeze, with noise-cancelling technology and a sleek and professional design, so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

With the Lockdown levels reducing, it’s also important to consider those days when you need to be mobile, and with an extensive range of backpacks and laptop bags, your needs are covered moving from home office to meeting space and even to clients.

Having a workstation that’s designed to fit your needs is a necessity in these uncertain times, and making sure everything connects seamlessly when setting up a home office is a breeze with the #DellbyTarsus range. Check out the products in the brochure below, and contact us to design a solution that’s right for you!

# Dell by Tarsus

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