HP’s Sustainability Impact at a Glance

January 22, 20210

HP has been setting an example to the world with its strides in sustainability, and as the leading distributor of HP products in South Africa, Tarsus Distribution is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. We strive to be part of a supply chain that not only supplies new technology but also disposes of it ethically and responsibly. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact in all parts of our operations. Here we take a look at the recent 2019 HP Sustainability Impact Report and how HP products that we distribute are made with sustainability in mind. 


Tackling Plastic Waste

Plastic has been a significant source of environmental damage, and HP has been taking a leading role to keep it out of our oceans. HP has been a front runner in closed-loop plastic recycling since the founding of the HPs Planet Partners recycling program in 1991. Over 9% of plastic used in personal HP systems and printers are from post-consumer recycled sources. The goal is to eliminate 75% of single-use plastic packaging by 2025. 


Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

Climate change is a significant issue for business and society and consumers are becoming more aware of the carbon footprint of companies where they purchase products and services. HP uses 43% renewable electricity sources in its global operations and since 2015 has decreased in-product use greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity by 18%. HP has been on the CDP Climate A list for six years in a row, with a triple “A” score for transparency and action on climate, forests, and water. 


Ethical Supply Chain

HP has one of the industry’s largest supply chains reaching all corners of the world. Their social and environmental responsibility programmes ensure all distributors, suppliers, and partners create a more sustainable future. Over 95% of companies that HP uses in its supply chain have gone through a social and environmental assessment, with many participating in various sustainability programmes. 


Global Education – HP Refresh Programme

Having access to quality education is a fundamental human right. HP has global education programmes with a focus on opportunities for girls, women, and the world’s most vulnerable and marginalized communities. In 2019, over 6.3 million PCs were shipped to schools, and over 100 schools received HP Learning Studios. Since 2015, HP has been involved in enabling better learning outcomes for over 28 million students. Its HP Refresh Programme facilitates the donation of used computers and tablets and places them in the hands of schools, teachers, and students. 


Moving Forward

Going into the future there are still areas where we can further improve our sustainability. Here are some of the goals that HP has set for its future sustainable impact goals: 

  • Reduce HP in-product use GHG emissions intensity by 30% by 2025 
  • Reduce first-tier production supplier and product transportation related GHG emissions intensity by 10% by 2025 
  • Reach 60% renewable electricity in global operations by 2025 and reach 100% by 2035 
  • Double factory participation in our supply chain sustainability programs by 2025 
  • Enable better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025 

As the longest-established IT distributor and the leading distributor of HP products in South Africa, Tarsus Distribution is committed to furthering HP’s sustainability programme. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through internal energy-saving and recycling programmes, and supplying e-waste containers both internally and to our customers. 

In addition to reducing our environmental footprint, we are involved in improving education to those in South Africa. Tarsus Distribution works alongside the HP Refresh Programme which provides software to wipe data off a device so it can be repurposed in areas like education. Companies and institutions with large quantities of computers that can be donated can contact us for further information. 

Tarsus Distribution has branches in Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, and Free State, with its head office in Gauteng. We have also started extending into the rest of Africa with branches in Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia. Part of our focus is on generating solutions in response to customers’ needs.  We are positioned to provide credit funding, stock availability and efficient logistics so that resellers can deliver the best possible service and solutions to small and mid-sized end-user customers. 


As Southern Africa’s leading value-added technology distributor, Tarsus Distribution represents top tier global hardware, software and information security brands. Partner resellers can deliver the best possible service in South Africa by partnering with Tarsus.

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