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Tarsus on Demand expands its connectivity portfolio by partnering with BitCo
Tarsus on Demand, one of South Africa’s leading cloud vendors and hybrid cloud enablement partners, is partnering with tier 1 Internet and telephony provider, BitCo, to offer its resellers the ability to resell affordable voice and data services to their clients.
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The idea of selling an outcome – a solution to a customer’s need or a problem - rather than selling a tool or product isn’t new. Harvard University marketing professor Theodore Levitt is said to have told his students several decades back that people don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill—they want to buy a quarter-inch hole.
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With the explosion in consumer cloud storage solutions and mobile computing, more and more sensitive computing data resides in siloes outside the data centre. This loss of visibility and control introduces new threats to data, forcing organisations to rethink how they manage business continuity and information governance.
Tarsus Accident Guard

Your favourite products can now be covered


Tarsus Technologies has launched a new warranty extension product designed to change the way notebooks and desktops are sold in South Africa.

The new warranty extension offering, Tarsus Accident Guard, is available exclusively with products purchased from Tarsus Technologies.

The Tarsus Accident Guard is an extension to the existing vendor warranties which will ensure that the majority of the notebooks and desktops sold by Tarsus will not only be covered by the normal manufactures' warranties but will now be fully covered in the case of accidental damage. In addition to this, Tarsus has included a contribution towards dealing with the effects of a virus attack and ID theft.


*Available in South Africa Only!


Identity Theft Cover

Provides cover for the following costs resulting from identity theft:

- Legal expenses incurred up to R20 000
- Miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses up to R2 500

Virus Cover

Provides cover for hardware and software that is damaged, corrupted or deleted by malicious computer code that has infected the hardware owned by the insured:

- Cover limit of R20 000
- Excludes recovery of data

Accidental Damage

Provides full cost to repair or replace hardware for the following events:

- Unforseen, accidental physical damage anywhere in the world


Excess Applicable per Value Band

R0 - R5000 = R250 (excl. VAT)
R5001 - R10 000 = R500 (excl. VAT)
R10 001 - R15 000 = R750 (excl. VAT)  

Extended Warranty Options


- 1 Year Tarsus Accident Guard 
- 2 Year Tarsus Accident Guard
- 3 Year Tarsus Accident Guard

Please speak to your sales consultant about pricing for the extended warranty options

The Tarsus Accident Guard term must mirror that of the Manufacturers Warranty (Maximum 3 years)





The Tarsus Accident Guard (TAG) extended warranty option is available for all notebooks and desktops sold by Tarsus Technologies.

*Available in South Africa Only!

Make sure to ask your sales consultant to "TAG" your hardware when you place your next order!


For more information on the Tarsus Accident Guard Extended Warranty please email us tag@tarsus.co.za

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(This product is only available in South Africa)