Dell vStart eases virtualisation

03 Dec 2012

Virtualisation is a key trend in the server market, since it’s the best way to get the most from a given set of resources in a data centre or server environment.


Tarsus resellers to benefit from its Blackberry RIM infrastructure solutions deal

29 Oct 2012

When Tarsus Technologies announced that it had secured the distribution rights for RIM’s BlackBerry range of mobile infrastructure solutions, it raised a number of eyebrows in the South African technology space.


Microsoft Windows 8: not just for consumers

23 Oct 2012

There’s been a lot of noise recently about the immersive, exciting and more engaging experience the new Windows 8 Modern UI (user interface) brings to desktop and notebook usability.


Riverbed drives next phase of optimisation

22 Oct 2012

While the influx of undersea fibre cables into South and sub-Saharan Africa is having a positive impact on the quality of internet connectivity infrastructure companies have access to, it’s causing a veritable boom in business and consumer usage numbers across the continent.


Planning for when the cloud comes

22 Oct 2012

While the worldwide market seems to be embracing cloud computing and its ability to lower the running costs of information technology, the local move towards off-site infrastructure that’s rented as a utility is still in its infancy.


Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 offers touch-screen brilliance

04 Oct 2012

All-in-one computers have been a runaway success in the consumer-focused retail segment over the past two years.


Windows 8 brings users a touch-dominated world

13 Sep 2012

Touchscreen technology is one of the most pervasive design elements in the technology sector today.


HP digital signage a great growth opportunity

05 Sep 2012

With the worldwide PC market showing a static to negative growth trend, resellers that continue to focus solely on the provision of desktops and notebooks might be signing their own death warrants.


Products that "do more" are the route to quick value-adds

24 Aug 2012

While notebooks might make-up the dominant share of resellers’ turnover today, in reality the profits they are able to derive from the sale of these machines pale in comparison to the margins the accessories business has to offer.