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Tarsus Distribution unveils the next generation of converged infrastructure—HPE Synergy
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Resellers must become more agile as cloud commoditises the ICT market
ICT resellers, particularly those operating in the mid-market, must become more agile in how they sell solutions and package them if they are to survive as their clients adopt cloud and as-a-service models to address more of their technology needs.

How do I become a Reseller with Tarsus Distribution?

  • Please note that 70% of your business must be generated from the sale of IT equipment.
  • Send an email to register@tarsus.co.za or contact the accounts department on 011 5311000 requesting an application form.
  • There is a COD and Credit application available which is accompanied by a questionnaire that all new customers need to complete.
  • Credit applications must be hand delivered to Tarsus as we need the original application on file, COD applications are accepted via email.
  • All applications have to be signed by the company director or an authorised signatory, once the complete application is received by Tarsus with supporting documents as requested on page 2 of the application, it will be processed. The process can take 2-3 working days.

How do I gain access to the Tarsus Portal to place orders online?

  • Please go onto the tarsus website https://portal.tarsusdistribution.co.za/
  • Click Request Access
  • Fill in the Request Access Form
  • Click Register once all the information is filled
  • You will receive an email with your log in verification
  • Log into the portal 

How do I download pricelist from the portal?

Log into the Tarsus Portal and select "DASHBOARD" then click Pricelists and download.

What is my Password to the Tarsus Portal and how do I change it?

  • Visit http://www.tarsusdistribution.co.za/
  • Select Reseller Login, type in your email address and click "Forgot your password"
  • An email with your password will get sent to you in 5 min.
  • To change your password please log into the Tarsus portal and Select "DASHBOARD" and click "My Profile".
  • Type in your Old Password, New Password and confirm your New Password. Then click "Update Profile"

How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

  • Open the mailer you have received and scroll down to the bottom of the mail and click Unsubscribe.
  • You will be requested to confirm again if you really want to be unsubscribed from the particular mailing list.
  • Click unsubscribe.

How do I change or update my email address from your marketing promotion list?

Please contact your Tarsus account manager for assistance.

How do I add someone to your marketing list?

Please contact your Tarsus account manager for assistance. 

How can I view older marketing promotions?

  • Go onto the Tarsus website https://portal.tarsusdistribution.co.za/ and sign in.
  • Select "DASHBOARD" then click on E-Mail Promotions. You will be able to download or view older promotional mailers that are still valid.

How do I edit your promotions to send to my vendors?

  • Open the mailer you received, click forward and edit the pricing and text on the mailer.
  • Please ensure that you remove the from name and unsubscribe footer.

How do I get access to your XML Feed?

  • Send your account manager a request by email.
  • You will be sent a document to read and sign, once that is done.
  • Log into the Tarsus Portal and select "DASHBOARD" then click Syndication. 

How do I upgrade or downgrade my account?

  • As a customer you will need to complete the Tarsus credit application and hand deliver
  • The Tarsus Accounts department will apply for credit on the account upon receipt of application
  • If successful, the account will be moved from COD to 30 days and you will be advised.
  • In an event where you already have a credit account and need a higher credit limit, you have to email your Tarsus controller and request this.
  • If you would like a lower credit limit or no longer want a 30 day account, you will have to email your Tarsus credit controller and advice.