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Tarsus on Demand expands its connectivity portfolio by partnering with BitCo
Tarsus on Demand, one of South Africa’s leading cloud vendors and hybrid cloud enablement partners, is partnering with tier 1 Internet and telephony provider, BitCo, to offer its resellers the ability to resell affordable voice and data services to their clients.
The channel must retool its salesforce to sell to the cloud customer
The idea of selling an outcome – a solution to a customer’s need or a problem - rather than selling a tool or product isn’t new. Harvard University marketing professor Theodore Levitt is said to have told his students several decades back that people don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill—they want to buy a quarter-inch hole.
Future-focused backup solutions protect today's investment
With the explosion in consumer cloud storage solutions and mobile computing, more and more sensitive computing data resides in siloes outside the data centre. This loss of visibility and control introduces new threats to data, forcing organisations to rethink how they manage business continuity and information governance.

How do I become a Reseller with Tarsus Distribution?

  • Please note that 70% of your business must be generated from the sale of IT equipment.
  • Send an email to register@tarsus.co.za or contact the accounts department on 011 5311000 requesting an application form.
  • There is a COD and Credit application available which is accompanied by a questionnaire that all new customers need to complete.
  • Credit applications must be hand delivered to Tarsus as we need the original application on file, COD applications are accepted via email.
  • All applications have to be signed by the company director or an authorised signatory, once the complete application is received by Tarsus with supporting documents as requested on page 2 of the application, it will be processed. The process can take 2-3 working days.

How do I gain access to the Tarsus Portal to place orders online?

  • Please go onto the tarsus website https://portal.tarsusdistribution.co.za/
  • Click Request Access
  • Fill in the Request Access Form
  • Click Register once all the information is filled
  • You will receive an email with your log in verification
  • Log into the portal 

How do I download pricelist from the portal?

Log into the Tarsus Portal and select "DASHBOARD" then click Pricelists and download.

What is my Password to the Tarsus Portal and how do I change it?

  • Visit http://www.tarsusdistribution.co.za/
  • Select Reseller Login, type in your email address and click "Forgot your password"
  • An email with your password will get sent to you in 5 min.
  • To change your password please log into the Tarsus portal and Select "DASHBOARD" and click "My Profile".
  • Type in your Old Password, New Password and confirm your New Password. Then click "Update Profile"

How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

  • Open the mailer you have received and scroll down to the bottom of the mail and click Unsubscribe.
  • You will be requested to confirm again if you really want to be unsubscribed from the particular mailing list.
  • Click unsubscribe.

How do I change or update my email address from your marketing promotion list?

Please contact your Tarsus account manager for assistance.

How do I add someone to your marketing list?

Please contact your Tarsus account manager for assistance. 

How can I view older marketing promotions?

  • Go onto the Tarsus website https://portal.tarsusdistribution.co.za/ and sign in.
  • Select "DASHBOARD" then click on E-Mail Promotions. You will be able to download or view older promotional mailers that are still valid.

How do I edit your promotions to send to my vendors?

  • Open the mailer you received, click forward and edit the pricing and text on the mailer.
  • Please ensure that you remove the from name and unsubscribe footer.

How do I get access to your XML Feed?

  • Send your account manager a request by email.
  • You will be sent a document to read and sign, once that is done.
  • Log into the Tarsus Portal and select "DASHBOARD" then click Syndication. 

How do I upgrade or downgrade my account?

  • As a customer you will need to complete the Tarsus credit application and hand deliver
  • The Tarsus Accounts department will apply for credit on the account upon receipt of application
  • If successful, the account will be moved from COD to 30 days and you will be advised.
  • In an event where you already have a credit account and need a higher credit limit, you have to email your Tarsus controller and request this.
  • If you would like a lower credit limit or no longer want a 30 day account, you will have to email your Tarsus credit controller and advice.